Thursday, February 3, 2011

in his sleep

Lately Jake's been talking in his sleep more than usual. 
Could be the stress of school, work, and a little one on the way.  Possibly. 
Let's share some of my favorites, shall we??

Me (noticing that Jake is sleeping at the bottom of the bed): "what are you doing down there?"
Jake: "I gotta blow my nose..."

Jake: "Aren't you supposed to brush your hair everynight?"
Me: "Who told you that?"
Jake: "Little House on the Prairie."

Jake: (loudly): "Put 'em up!"
Me: "Put what up?"
Jake: (fists up): "I can take you!" as he proceeds to upper-cut and punch the air.

Jake: "Either turn your head and cough, or close your eyes and cough."

Oh Jake...I'm really quite happy I get up twice every night to pee so I can have these little conversations with you.  Sorry for the stress, but not really, cause it's hilarious.