Wednesday, February 9, 2011

remember this shirt?

It's a little more snug it should since I have a month and a half left. Wow.

I've been enjoying every month, week, and day of this pregnancy.  Hopefully I haven't complained too much because we have wanted this from the very beginning.  Quite honestly, Jake and I were in the middle of doctor appointments and were just newly pregnant without even knowing it.  Truly a miracle for us. We have friends who are in the same boat as we were and we think, how can this be?  All I know is that it all works out according to each little family.  I truly believe this baby is coming when he is supposed to no matter how much we wanted him to come earlier. Life works out. In weird and unplanned ways certainly, but after looking back, we wouldn't want it any other way. Silly us.

And we are truly loving the whole experience--the bad--multiple bathroom trips, violent leg cramps, hysterical outbursts, purple hair (hormones...) and the good-- setting up the crib together, black and white ultrasound pics, his little heel against my right rib, texting possible names back and forth daily, and becoming a little family.

So dear little Mr. Morse- mom and dad are more than thrilled you are coming and are humbled to be your parents.  We hope we can do as good as job as the parents who sent you here. Until then, we are anxiously awaiting your arrival.  Just a few more weeks...Again, wow.