Monday, March 19, 2012

the Albuquerque gang

Oh man we are back! And we survived the plane ride!  Thanks to all you smart mommies out there.  What a jam-packed fun week.  I couldn't get enough of my niece and nephew and how much they grew!  They were perfect hosts for Myer and me, and we had a ball.  I missed them so much.  It was exhausting at times having 3 little children running around, but it was a good exhaustion.  (I got a nice little glimpse of what it would be like having more than one child...) Myer came home with this little bucket filled.  He better!  We also got the first class treatment seeing Albuquerque from the 2 year veterans--Mike and Jamie.  It's really artsy down there and it reminded me lots of St. George.  Wouldn't mind visiting again...

It was the best week just hanging out with family, especially my sister who I rarely see.  We even went out shopping and to dinner while Mike stayed with the kids one night, and it was bliss.  Truly.  I missed her so.

Next up-- the aquarium and zoo!