Friday, March 2, 2012

it snowed

It's only the beginning of March and we get our first real snow storm.
Our little cottage looks like a gingerbread house with a layer of lovely white frosting.
It was fun to wake up to all white instead of bleak brown.
Stay a while would you?

In other news, we've been home bound for the past 2 weeks now.
First week I was super sick,
then naturally Myer got what I got.
He has had other colds in the past (like 2) but nothing big.
This time it was a true blue cold.
He had a fever, cough, and just not himself.
But he is doing better and has slept through the night the whole week.
(I attribute the success all to essential oils and cell salts.)
Because you can't really do anything for a baby when they're sick
but the natural remedies sure saved my sanity. And made him feel better.
True believer right here.

So here's hoping we get out of the house this next week.
This beautiful snow couldn't even stop us
because we've got cabin/cottage fever bad.
Happy snowy weekend!