Friday, March 9, 2012

his first flight

We're leaving tomorrow to New Mexico! Yay I'm so happy it's here!  Both Myer and I need this break.  Being cooped up in the cottage without a car has done a number on us.  Can't wait to get in the sunny weather and just play.  And let's not forget playing with COUSINS!  It's been way too long since Myer's been with Maddix and Navy.  It;ll be pure joy seeing all 3 of them play.  Let's hope anyway. am terrified for this plane ride tomorrow.  It's only an hour and a half, but still it's an hour and a half.  And Myer has never been the one to sit on my lap and play.  Let's be honest, at church we are the parents roaming the back and the halls all 3 hours.  I'd love some advice/help...hint hint, so the people around don't hate me and blame me for never wanting children. I think this may be the day M gets introduced to sugar...

Pray for us. Cross your fingers for us. And we'll be back in a week! Peace!