Wednesday, March 21, 2012

the aquarium + rio grande zoo

First up we saw the fish at the BioPark Aquarium.  As you can tell from the above pic, Myer couldn't stop staring.  Glued.  It may have to do with having the best guide... Maddix showed us through the whole thing.  He showed us the turtle, sharks, and Nemo.  Can't forget Nemo.  

The next day we braved the Rio Grande Zoo with two strollers, one being a double-wide, and Spring Break crowds.  But it was the best day.  All the animals were out and strutting their stuff.  Crowds schmowds.  Myer loved the gorillas and my favorite was the baby Orangutan. (just wait for the video).

The weather was perfect, the animals were friendly, and once again Maddix was our guide. That Rio Grande Zoo was something else. The animals were so close!  Myer pointed, laughed, and smiled to the animals he could see.  Can't wait to take him to our little Hogle this summer.  Tested and tried, we're all set for some exploring thanks to Albuquerque.