Friday, April 20, 2012

City Creek Center

You can't come to Utah unless you visit the newest "it" spot, aka City Creek Center so we took Jamie and the kids.  This was my first time too, and I did not mind the 40 min drive to do my shopping here.  I think I about died when I saw jcrew, H&M, and Anthropologie (coming soon) all next to each other.  Yummy.  The kids liked the fountains and little fish they'd spot in the creek.  Don't you just love Maddix's pose?  He saw my brother Oakley crouch down for a pic and this is what we got from sweet little Mad dog each time.  I just love him. 

Of course Myer took matter into his own hands and had to push the stroller the.entire.time.  Gah.  So we saw City Creek in detail, but not all of it.  So it gives us an excuse to come up again.  And again, I'm sure.  A new favorite spot?  Heck yes!