Friday, April 6, 2012

looking forward to it

As April decided to take a back step and become January this morning, it made me look forward to next week.  And not just cause it'll be in the 70's oh yeah but for what's in store... Starting Wednesday is Deaf Studies Today! Conference which will last until Saturday.  I'll see my old professors, friends who've moved away, and of course friends who've stayed here.  I promise I'm not just excited for the social part, but it is a big motivator for going!  Also next weekend is Bijou Market, aka the ultimate Etsy one stop shop.  And guess what? No Christmas shopping for anyone.  Just me! Wee!  And lastly, my sister and kiddos will be stopping by for a few short days.  Seriously all happening in one weekend.  It's like an assorted box of cupcakes-- a sample of all my favorite things-- Deaf Studies, shopping, and family.  Boom!  Again, my snowy weekend is looking a whole lot better.  Cheers to next week!