Monday, April 23, 2012

a letter


I debated about stopping these letters after 1 year, but you haven't stopped growing.  If anything, you've grown leaps and bounds in just a month.  But maybe not a letter every month, just every so often...

You are copying and mimicking everything.  After your Dad or I take a sip of water, you are right there with, "Ahhh..." or when we laugh, you join in with a fake laugh and a knee slap.  What a crack up.  And your other title is Jokester.  You egg on your dad to wrestle you, you play peek-a-boo with your ears rather than your eyes, you think you're hiding when you're really just ducking your head, you pull up your dad's shirt to find his belly button, you like to look at yourself in the mirror while babbling, you fold your arms after we've had prayer, and when I find you up to no good, you do this little "huh?".  Wheresoever did you get this personality?  And I love that it's showing so soon.

You are babbling and signing a lot.  Words you know in sign language are: MORE, FOOD, FINISH, MILK, CAR, WATER, AIRPLANE, BABY, BALL, PLEASE, SHOES, and DAD.  My favorite signs are when you're describing a car driving around or an airplane flying.  Precious, precious, precious.  Words you say are: Bye bye, Mama, Dada, baby, ball, and kitty (or doggy).  With your growing vocabulary comes more sociability.  We've made so many new friends at the neighborhood park; adults included.  Thanks for getting your mom out of her shell.

You took your first steps!  (At a church party no less...) We haven't been able to get you to do it again, but at least we know, and you know, you can do it.  Maybe we need to sing more hymns to get you walking?

We go outside every day because you go crazy if we don't.  You crawl to the front door and pound on it till we go out.  I am so grateful that little park is so close.  Not sure what we would do without our second home.  So every day I pack us up lunch, and walk down to the park where we swing, watch cars drive by, and kick the ball around.  I was looking forward to the day I could just go outside with my boy and just hang.  So no complaining here.

When we found out we were pregnant with a boy, I secretly prayed for a boy just like you and I can't really explain you, but you are who I imagined in my head: playful, happy, curious, and active.  And I am seeing just that.  Didn't know I could be so particular.  Funny, I also prayed for someone exactly like your father.  God loves me and blessed me with the two best men I could ask for.  Love you, love you, love you,