Monday, April 16, 2012


This piece of art, done by my friend Hilarie, is titled "All is Not Lost".  This basically sums up my weekend.  Being around people with the same ideals and hope for the future was uplifting.  I felt the conference had a theme centered around Deaf education, and this time I felt like we were presented some possible "solutions".  So definitely, All is Not Lost.  It was so so good to see everyone again.  I am seriously proud of my friends that I've made while in the Deaf Studies program; all of them still breathing strong Deaf Studies!  It's the best kind of reunion.  I'll be honest, I wanted to chat more with friends than actually listen to workshops, and my brain kinda hurts from getting concentrated ASL three days straight, but can I have some more please?  Missing it, and can't wait till 2014.

(and I should mention the above piece was on display during the conference.  Hilarie you should be so proud! I am!)