Monday, June 3, 2013

an emotionally exhausting week


Said goodbye to my students.


How do I keep getting in these one year teaching positions?  Makes it hard on my heart. This past week was hard.  Hard mentally and emotionally.

I did all the "teacher stuff" gave out finals, corrected assignments and papers, finalized grades, and passed some seniors that I probably shouldn't have.  And then the fun stuff--signed yearbooks, end of year parties, opened baby presents, read sweet notes, shed tears, gave hugs, ate at the faculty year-end social, said goodbyes, and participated in graduation.


I packed up my room.

Like the final nail.

The final goodbye.  Sort of.  I love teaching and I love high school, and I loved this year. I want to do this again.  So I'm going back to school to get my educators license once kids are a little older and I am coming back.  So not goodbyes.  Not yet.  This year showed me this is something I can do, excel at, and frankly, enjoy.  I can teach (I think) and I like it.  Plus, it is so special being part of teen's lives.  You have to treat that role with respect and know that it is a privilege.  I am lucky to have been around these kids for a year.  They taught me more about endurance, hope, and friendship that I could have learned anywhere else.  They also have a lot against them, but they are strong.  And they can do it.  I was just their audience and cheerleader for a short time.  So I want to come back.

Congratulations to my seniors who graduated and good luck to my juniors and sophomores for next year.  Again, a great year.  Thanks to each of you.  You made it so special.

-Mrs. Morse