Monday, June 17, 2013

goodbye cottage

We did it.  We moved!  Good golly you would think living in a tiny cottage you wouldn't have that much stuff, but holy cow 3 trailers full is a lot of stuff!  I couldn't believe all the help that showed up to help us move.  We moved and cleaned that cottage all within 3 hours!  Amazing.  We were so touched at all the help we received. This neighborhood will be missed ever so much.

As we were pulling out, the landlords came out with the little red car.  Remember the little red car?  The one that Myer would never sit in but push around everywhere ever since he could walk?  They said that M earned that car with all the mileage he put on it.  Made me cry.  And it was perfect because when Myer came over to his new house, guess what was waiting for him in the garage?  A little piece of the house he grew up in.  Now he can push it around here.  Get some new miles in. 

We are sad to leave Alpine and our neighbors, but sometime you gotta grow up and leave the cozy security of your home town.  And really, we're only 10 minutes away from there so it's not devastating, just hard.  That cottage was a real home to us.  It came to us on what seemed like hard times when we couldn't get pregnant with Myer or find a house to buy, but it worked out for the better.  I eventually did get pregnant after I graduated college and started my career, and it was nice not owning something when Jake was unemployed for the past year.  So it was meant to be.  I met some amazing women who are great examples of mothers to me and Jake made some great friendships with the young men of the ward and their fathers.  I think this move was the hardest on Jake.  He hopes to find similar friendships in this new neighborhood.  Which, I think he will.

We will miss the quiet of Alpine but I am really excited to be so close to everything--stores, restaurants, and cafe rio so it's a little bit of give and take.  I hope Myer makes some friends here and I hope we can stay here for a while.  At least until we grow out of the place.  But I don't even want to think about moving again...

We are excited for this new adventure!  Hello American Fork!