Wednesday, June 5, 2013

we're moving!

Well what did you expect with another little one on the way?  The cottage just couldn't fit another one of us.  I loved living here-- in this neighborhood, in Alpine, and the cottage itself, but it's time to say goodbye.  But I think I'm crazy cause as soon as school finished which, come on, that was a daunting task!  I take another daunting task of packing up my house and then moving into another house.  Someone give this pregnant lady a medal!  Not to mention we have to be moved in by the middle of June...eep!  I can't complain because this means bigger and better things for us, which we wanted for so long this past year.  Now we have it, so now I need to be happy and grateful about it.  I'll just keep telling myself that packing up my kitchen next week...with a toddler at my feet....with a sore back and swollen wish us luck. Nothing like a busy summer.