Monday, August 25, 2014

first letter

 We finally heard from Elder Thacker!! He made it safely to the Philippines MTC and survived his firt week there.  Here are few of my favorite snippets from his first letter:

"Let's just say that the 10 hour flight to Tokyo was a really long flight in a suit."
"I got a haircut right as I walked in and it's a bit of a struggle."
"There is so much information, I feel like I am back in American Studies or AP Lit, but now it's AP GOSPEL."
"There is always rice in every meal.  Tons of it.  But you can't go wrong with soy sauce."
"Oh, and mom, I have enough medical stuff in my luggage.  Still waiting to be the MTC paramedic."
"Mahal Ko Po kayo, sa lamat po kay mga pangalan! (I love you guys and thank you for your prayers!)

Ok I BAWLED reading this!! It's totally Cooper--witty, sarcastic, a picky eater, and just totally game for an adventure.  He is totally rolling with the punches.  He is totally a missionary now!!