Friday, August 15, 2014

see you in 2, Elder

First up was Cooper's farewell.(and a very cooperative Myer).  All of my siblings were there, even Jessie who flew in that morning from California. It was a special Sunday. And Cooper gave a great farewell talk.  It was full of the spirit and just powerful.  He is going to rock this mission thing.
 Set apart as an official Elder.  After he was set apart, we each got a turn to tell Cooper why we thought he will be a successful missionary.  It was special to share our hope in him and the faith we already had in his calling as a missionary.  All that I have been able to think about is that night and what comfort I felt.  He will be taken care of.
 Goodbyes at the airport. At 5 AM.  By this time, my eyes have had enough!  From all the tearful goodbyes and early rise to the airport, they were a swollen mess.  But Cooper looked calm, confident, and just ready to go.  He lead the pack of missionaries flying with him and initiated the goodbyes to all of us.  He didn't want to wait anymore, he was ready to go!
On his way!

I've never cried so much in 3 days.
Be safe Elder.
Let the countdown begin.