Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Guest Post: Enjoying the warm weather with your new baby

Rachael McAdams is new to the SAHM world. (Stay at Home Mom) When she's not chasing around her twin girls you can find her whipping up healthy meals in the kitchen, jogging around NYC, spending time with her husband, and well of course.. writing! Rachael is in the process of setting up her own blog but for now you can find her on Twitter at @livealittlenyc.

When my girls were just born, I so enjoyed the summer with them! We would go out and enjoy the warm weather and they just loved looking at everything and reaching out and inspecting all the new items around them. I loved taking them for walks in the park – it was the perfect backdrop for photos and fun days out.
I always made sure to have hats on hand to the girls. I wanted to make sure they were well protected from the sun. I just loved the reversible sun bucket hats from Patagonia I picked up for the girls. It’s very important to remember to keep your newborn well protected from the sun and use baby-safe sun screen only in small amounts if your baby is younger than six months old.

I always kept my camera with me when we would head outside. I just loved to watch them explore all that was new in their little world! Their reactions and expressions when they discovered something new were just awesome! I would also make sure to bring a blanket with us when we would go in the park. I would take them out of the stroller and put them on the blanket for a change of scenery and to get really nice shots of them in such a natural background. Before they were born, I picked up a Canon PowerShot ELPH 300 digital camera. I tried really hard to not just get take photos, but really capture who they were they were as newborns, so I could show how they changed as they age. If you haven’t been able to get out your baby’s birth announcement, this is a perfect time to take photos for it! I had the girls sitting on a blanket in the park with their hats and sunglasses on and used the headline “The Beauty Contest was a Tie!” It was adorable! I used to upload the photo and write up the girl’s birth announcement. Everyone loved it! Everyone told me they loved seeing the photos of the girls in the park! I take photos with them in the park every time we go for a walk. I think the girls started to enjoy our outings just as much as I did!
To the new parents that might be reading this, my advice to you is this – make sure to enjoy this special time in your baby’s life. Everything is new to them and they are naturally curious. Spend as much time with them as you can. You will never forget it!

Thanks Rachael!