Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Jeeping at 5 Mile Pass

As per the trend this summer, we are marking off our list of things to do before baby gets here.  One of those things was to take M jeeping, real jeeping, like an all day excursion.  So we drove out to 5 Mile Pass which was close enough and low key enough in case Myer didn't like it or if all the bouncing around put me into labor. (ha!)  Myer LOVED it.  He would get too impatient if we had to reverse or take obstacles slow.  He would yell, "This way!' pointing forward.  And he loved getting dirty, exploring the hillside, watching all the jeeps climb the rocks, and his bag of chips that never left his hand.  I, on the other hand, was a stupid pregnant person.  My back feels broken.  Not to mention I forgot to factor in all the bouncing around and a baby on my bladder...silly me.  But Jake was pumped to break in his jeep and I wanted to see how she would do too, and naturally our little family had a blast.  As a Morse, I'm destined for these kinds of adventures so I might as well like them, pregnant or not.