Thursday, July 18, 2013

thacker family reunion

On Saturday we had our big annual Thacker Family Reunion (my side of the family).  We toured Salt Lake City's Welfare Square and then colored the packing boxes that food would be delivered in to families in need.  Myer got a lesson from my dad and my Grandpa Thacker how to trace your hand, and well, that's all he wanted to do.  Then we finished off the day with ever so entertaining Talent Show then a BBQ at a park.

Myer rarely sees my extended family since they live in Bountiful, and some out of state, so I didn't know how the day would go.  I really should put more trust in my chatter-box of a social kid because he loved everybody.  He always found Grandpa Thacker (his Great Grandpa but let's not confuse him) and thought my little cousins were his.  I'll let him claim them all.  Every one was so sweet to help the pregnant lady out and just dived in with Myer.  I mean, he is their second cousin, but they all treated him like close family.  Love you all Thackers!  What a great day!