Wednesday, July 10, 2013

time with family

Oh man, where do I even start?  The last two weeks will be probably be the last time we'll all be together as a family for a while.  As I mentioned before, both of my sisters are moving back east so we made the last 14 days count.  We ate, we swam, we played, we snuggled, and we took lots of pictures.  This family is so important to me.  And I know that each of them mean something to Myer.  It'll be hard having aunts, uncles, and cousins far away but goodness that's what skype is for, right?  And I've always wanted to visit the Mall of America and I've always wanted to play on the Carolina beaches so we'll get out there.  One way or another.  Because these two sisters of mine, the ones closest in age to me, are my best friends and role models.  I hope I can be as strong and beautiful as they both are.  And if baby girl decides to take after these two, she'd be ahead of the game.

I'm so glad we have families.  And I'm so glad this is my family.  People say we have a certain "Thacker look" and it makes me proud.  I love the Thackers!  Good luck Jamie and Jessie with your new adventures.  I know you'll be a force of good over there.  Love you both to pieces.