Monday, July 22, 2013

the weekend run down

*played the free games at the Ampitheater for AF Steel Days
*died in this heat
*let Myer stay up past his bedtime for his first movie
*attended a baby shower for a little Hopi Princess
*got my first taste of Lemon San Pellegrino and fell in love
*Myer helped Jake rotate the Jeep tires
*sprayed weed killer on our poor little lawn for the 3rd time
*made home-made rootbeer floats
*treated myself to organizing our first ever file cabinet as a married couple
*thought we rented The Dark Knight Rises, but actually brought home the Batman cartoon...
*bought our double stroller

Although hot, it was busy weekend.  I'm going to need a lot more of those Lemon San Pellegrinos to keep myself cool.  Hello Monday!